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In “Beyond Illusion Project” we take the principle that knowledge is the forerunner to experience really seriously.  All the information that has been given to you during a lecture/seminar has been put there to prepare you for the experience.

In the Workshops, you’ll learn how to put all the knowledge you have embodied into practice and begin to make measurable changes in any area of your life.

So, every workshop is a program of creativity on a particular subject, a two-stage journey – theory and practice.  After you have acquired the knowledge, you are ready to apply what you’ve learned.  It’s up to you to master the skills to create on any part of your life you wish to.

THINK QUANTUM! LIVE CREATIVELY!” Is the basis of the program.  Consisting of three parts, it gives you knowledge on the nature of reality according to the new science of Quantum Physics.  By understanding the principles of the new physics, you’ll perceive yourself and the entire world in an entirely new way.  You’ll come to recognize the fact that you are creating with every choice you make in your everyday life.  You’ll learn that life is the creation and that creativity is the ultimate source of joy and fulfillment.  You’ll learn how to create consciously what you want rather than unconsciously what you don’t want.  You’ll learn the science of creation and change.

Apart from self-realization and personal development, “THINK QUANTUM! LIVE CREATIVELY!” is a program ideal for marriage therapy and business development. The techniques being taught increase your ability for sharing, co-operation, mutual understanding, and compassion.  

So, I invite you to start your journey of self-realization with “THINK QUANTUM! LIVE CREATIVELY!” And then proceed with a program of creativity in any area of your life you want to transform.