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In order to effect personal transformation, “Beyond Illusion Project” uses the transformational aspects of Quantum Principles.  The quantum worldview is the integration of science and spirituality.  In the new science, awakening is understood to occur when an individual realizes the illusion of the ego identity and intuits that all is one consciousness and the apparent world is the play of the quantum self.  Participants will discover a new way of seeing the world through quantum physics.  You will explore the importance of choice in personal and social transformation.  You will learn about reincarnation and evolution.  You will discover the root cause of your weaknesses and learn how to correct them.  You will come to understand that your life and health are determined by your energy and that we can, in fact, heal ourselves.  You will come to understand that your environment and your perceptions of the environment control your life and health.


As soon as you decide to initiate quantum spirituality into your life, you will realize that you are more than who you think you are.  That you are very powerful in your life and that you can use this information to bring health and happiness into your life, and actually live on this planet as if it’s heaven on earth.  You will also become an emissary of the new view for the whole society.  You will become a Quantum Activist.

So, welcome to “Beyond Illusion Project”.