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Course 1: Foundation Course


A course for personal, professional, and business development. It is the foundation course of “Beyond Illusion Project”. It provides you with the basic information all other courses are based on.

THINK QUANTUM! LIVE CREATIVELY! The Course is offered as one Unit and
consists of 3 parts

 Part 1: The New Worldview and Quantum Reality

New Science/New Thought and the nature of reality.  Principles and values of the new reality.  The freedom that results from the new science. This part challenges you to think differently about who you are and how you interpret the world.  It is ideal for anyone interested in: modern science, physics, cosmology, scientific paradigm shifts, personal development, and similar topics.

♦ Part 2: Quantum Creativity

Human Creativity: the ultimate source of joy and fulfillment, through the lens of Quantum Physics, and how we can nurture and enhance it.

♦ Part 3: The Science of (Personal) Transformation

The science of creation and change, based on the quantum model of reality and the newest in neurosciences.


Part 1: “The New Worldview and Quantum Reality”

Part 1 dives briefly into the history of the Western scientific world to show how beliefs based on the old but still prevailing scientific paradigm about the nature of reality have had an impact on our societies, social organizations and the many decisions we make on every level of our everyday lives. Then it introduces you to Quantum Physics, its principles and their implications for the real nature of reality, who we really are, what is possible for us to achieve, our role in the Universe, and the new thought as this is shaped in the next level of our evolution. Part 1 challenges you to abandon outmoded ideas and beliefs about the nature of leality, stemming from the faulse assumptions of an obsolete paradigm.

During Part 1:

♦ You will learn how the science that we have long believed has been debunked and how an entirely new understanding will transform our world, our life and our health.

♦ Exciting new discoveries in science brought about by the new science of Quantum Physics and which are at the root of this paradigm shift.

♦ We will look at the fundamental science of physics, revealing a new way of seeing the world through quantum physics.

♦ How we are all energetically connected and why you should absolutely listen to your “vibes”.

♦ That the field of energy that surrounds us and we are part of is a field of infinite possibilities.

♦ You will explore the importance of choice in personal and social transformation.

Part 1 tests your willingness to abandon ideas that have in a sense been programmed into you for many years on a conscious and subconscious level.

At the end of Part 1 you are given some guided meditation practices that take you out of your dualistic thinking and into sweet unitive experience of consciousness as a state of being.


Part 2: “Quantum Creativity” develops the concept of creativity for the layperson.

Having become aware of our role as creators and co-creators with the universal consciousness, Part 2 shows that creativity includes the way we shape our life experience, in an entirely new way. There is particular emphasis on inner (spiritual) creativity, ehich involves transformation of the shelf and yields a subjective, yet discernible product. Its implications are new ways of living and experiencing in new contexts.  From this point, the fruit of inner creativity, the personal transformation, can be expressed as outer creativity in all areas of life.

. Shows how we can align ourselves with the evolution of consciousness and consciously create on every level of our life.

. Explains the creative process when we create on the inner and outer domains.

. Explains why we can all be creative, and the reasons why creativity is not an asset of the very few.

. Explains that by using the knowledge of Quantum Physics we can create on the old creative arenas in ways that will bring a fresh air in the sciences, the arts, in business and our societies. 

. Enables us to explore the meaning of our life and the meaning of the world around us.  It awakens us to the creative evolution of consciousness on our planet.

. Enables you to achieve spiritual fulfillment.

. Helps you embark on a journey of inner creativity.

. Can help make you rich and famous, if that's what you're looking for.

In Part 2:

♦ You will learn the immense power of your perceptions and beliefs.

♦ The art of “knowing thyself”

♦ The process of unlearning emotional mental and behavioural patterns.

♦ How to unlearn negative habits and eliminate self-destructive behaviours.

♦ Techniques to go beyond your ego and meet with your quantum self.

♦ To open yourself to positive opportunities.

♦ Tap into invisible fields of information for increased understanding and wisdom.

The genie of true creativity is bottled up in most of us - to liberate it is to become the architect of our own lives.  Understanding what human creativity entails, what role it plays in our self-development, how our creative processes work, and where our motivation comes from, will assist many of us to scale the barriers to our imprisoned self in order to experience joy and make a difference in the world.  Can your creativity express itself as potently as Einstein's or Gandhi's? It's up to you.

In Part 2 you will be taught practices that can help you break through the patterns of the ego to allow more participation in your life by quantum consciousness.
Among these practices are:
- Intention setting;
- Slowing down and awareness practice;
- Concentration, or focusing;
- Attention exercises;
- Remembering your dharma practice, etc.

You can think of them as vehicles for awakening your supramental intelligence – a more integrated mode of being and identity from which to create and from which to fulfill your human potential.

In group situations, like families, couples, or business environments, you will learn to realize Oneness by practicing in relationships.

Apart from a course of self-realization and self-development, “Quantum Creativity” is a workshop ideal for marriage therapy and business development. The techniques being taught increase your ability for sharing, co-operation, mutual understanding and compassion.  



Part 3: “The Science of (Personal) Transformation”  

Based on the quantum model of reality and the newest in neurosciences Part 3 is about a) the science of creation, and b) the science of change.  What happens in the human brain during the process of change? What is the science behind mystical experiences? How can you access the sub-conscious in order to transform the automatic programs that determine your life?

♦ You will discover and become aware of the root causes of your blockages that haven't allowed you to live a happy, abundant and fulfilling life and learn how to make use of all your potendials.

♦ The art and science behind “knowing thyself”.

♦ You’ll understand the difference between “you” and your limitations.

♦ The science behind why you self-sabotage.

♦ You will understand brain wave patterns and what they mean.

♦ You will learn the specific steps to take to design your destiny.

♦ Develop brain wave patterns that align with what you want to create.

♦ Use your operating system: Going deeper into the conscious and subconscious mind.

♦ Achieve coherence by eliminating stress and why coherence is so important.

♦ Discover methods to specifically access your subconscious mind for healing and creating the reality you desire.

♦ Effective strategies to create from a place where all possibilities exist.

Main Description

The project has been designed for a variety of contexts – such as:
Human resource heads and groups
Employee assistance programs
Healthcare providers
School systems and governmental agencies
Small businesses, etc

Is offered in a variety of forms:
Seminars and workshops and psycho-educational courses
We will happy to have the opportunity to choose together the most appropriate for you!
Please, contact us for more information filling in the form below.

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Main Description

THINK QUANTUM! LIVE CREATIVELY! Is a course that will help you shift into a new mode of thought and existence and begin to create a life of your choosing.

Be prepared to experience some fundamental shifts in understanding.

As you begin to embrace this new outlook, your very makeup as a human being will change.

It is my wish that you will no longer be the same person you were when you began.

Apart from self-realization and personal development, “THINK QUANTUM! LIVE CREATIVELY!” is a program ideal for marriage therapy and business development.

The techniques being taught increase your ability for sharing, co-operation, mutual understanding and compassion.