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Welcome to “Beyond Illusion Project”  “Creations”.
“Energy Beauty” is a pleasurable supplement of the longevity and anti-aging program “Every Year We Get Younger!” “Energy Beauty” promotes a lifestyle that combines spirituality with holistic skincare using gems like amethyst and pearls, as well as essential oils. The result? Youthful radiance and balanced spiritual energy.
“Energy Beauty” is different from everything else you have used until now in the following points:
♦ They are created ONLY with pure ingredients.
♦ They are FREE from Artificial colors, dyes,  and preservatives. Synthetics and parabens. Animal products and animal by-products. GMOs.
♦ There is no mass production. Every product is always handmade and created EXCLUSIVELY FOR YOU.
♦ Their effectiveness is not due to the chemical properties of their ingredients but to the energy power of the essential oils and gems and crystals.  
♦ “Energy Beauty” is an application of the quantum principles of Quantum Physics and inspired from ancient, holistic traditions. We train you how to use the power of your mind to get great results.

Main Description

As a result:
♦ You will NOT find it on the shelves of ANY store or pharmacy.
♦ Quantities are very limited.
♦ You can be certain that the product you have in your hand has been created EXCLUSIVELY for you.

 “Energy Beauty” is based on the power of gemstones and essential oils, creating bio energized formulas that are inspired by ancient, holistic traditions. Part of the effectiveness of these healing stones and oils has been centered on matching them to an individual’s needs and goals with both skincare and general emotional well-being.

The aesthetic and energetic power of crystals and minerals embedded in gemstones have been known and used for thousands of years! Ancient civilizations, like the Egyptians and the Chinese, have used gemstones in skincare since the dawn of recorded history.
Nowadays, devotees claim that crystals and gemstones emit vibrations that can have an energizing and healing effect on the skin. High-vibe crystals offer a multitude of benefits for your spirit and skin—from elevating mood to promoting detoxification. Energetic blockages can be just as detrimental to your complexion as blocked, congested pores.

There is some serious science backing this! Known as electro-stimulants, minerals in gemstones function as semiconductors for your skin! This is essential to increase cellular productivity, performance, repair and penetration of the skin while leveraging the effects of any other ingredients.
For example, detoxing is a great way to increase energy and support the body in removing unwanted toxins. Working with gemstones can step up your detox in a gentle yet effective way! Every gemstone has a different vibration, a different healing energy that works with your own chemistry to help restore the body to its highest potential. In most cases, it's all about getting rid of negativity, boosting healing, and supporting a self-care practice.

Essential oils, pure and simple, are the concentrated aromatic essences extracted from certain plants.  Essential oils are sometimes called the “life force” or “soul” of a plant.  They are powerful substances considered to be the “plant’s physician”. While oils are still in the plant, they protect it from predators and diseases and play a role in their pollination. For these properties, in many cultures during recorded history, essential oils have been used to promote healing and well-being. Essential oils have incredible potential for wellness. They are carriers of living energy and function on all human levels: physical, mental, emotional, social and spiritual.

Why, then, not examine the use of natural products like the ancients?

Personally, I like the fact that essential oils and crystals are a blend of old and new approaches to wellness, and they are entirely natural and of the earth, extracted from plants. They share their natural powers with us, working with the mind, body, and spirit to improve wellness. Using them can be a meaningful choice for your wellness and shows respect for your body as well as the power of nature. They enhance and support what the body needs to thrive, as naturally as possible.
A combination of shea butter and coconut oil, as well as other natural ingredients, is the base of “Energy Beauty”. To this, there is added a combination of a wide variety of pure oils, high-quality essential oils and crystals/gemstones. Due to the wide variety of ingredients, the possibilities of the combinations that can be made are countless. Combined with the fact that each product is personalized, drawing up a list of available products is impossible. It is possible to create exclusively for your formulas, with a variety of combinations in:
♦ Face creams
♦ Hydrating face lotion/face mist
♦Face Scrub
♦ Gemstone mineral masks
♦ Face masks from natural ingredients
♦ Deodorant creams (for women & men)
♦ Serums
♦ Crystal oils
…and more

“Energy Beauty” is the fruits of my inspiration from studying the science of Quantum Physics and ancient traditions.

I hope you enjoy the journey…